This site is an attempt to give form to a dream. A dream of making and sharing manga inspired images and, ultimately comics, or maybe better to say: sequential art.

The site saw its first formulation already on 2007 as a site featuring mainly some images. This part has grown during the years and now I need to work out how to present several galleries.



Sissi the Cat


The comic section begin modestly with a couple of short stories. Now I have one zine self-published in BoD. You can find the link bellow. It is also available in English. I’m planning the part 2. Currently I’m working on a comic for Webtoons.

Latest Blog entry

  • Vertical layout
    One of the particular features of publishing a webcomic in Webtoons is the vertical layout. This means that I have to think about the layout in a quite different and … Lue lisää