As the name of the comic already gives one to understand, at least one of the settings of this story is a desert. Desert is where Tara lives and it is the place where those getting lost in her dimension will find themselves in.

In a certain way desert is not supposed to be that difficult a setting. It can be quite simple to present. This could also be a problem, it might remain uninteresting not having enough details. Yet even deserts are not all the same. There are different types of deserts. Those that are just fields and oceans of sand all the way to e.g. the strange looking desert environment of Gobi in China. This you can see for instance in Zhang Yimou film Hero.

I did not want Tara’s desert to be only sand, I did not want her to live in the tent like a sand desert living nomad would need to live. I wanted her to have a more solid, permanent place to live, so I wanted there to some rock formations among the sand. I even might want to have some trees or plants. This is a different magical dimension after all, so it does not have obey the rules of our dimension. I will keep this option open even though, to begin with, I start out pretty simply with quite plain desert with some rocks, maybe rocky mountains.

With the desert image I also practiced on how to work with colouring digital images and also especially on how to convey the light and shadow. The image is constructed in many layers and it has been a good practice in learning how to use different layers and layer settings to get different effects of shadow and intense desert light of the sun.

For the opening scene I have also been working on an image of stormy cloudy sky mingling with a sandstorm as this is the setting where our first visitor to Tara’s world finds herself.

This is image working as a transition from the opening title to the desert. The visitor finds herself inside a stormy situation that gradually resolves into a desert environment for her to wonder just where she is.