Tara’s companions

Even though Tara leads a pretty solitary existence, she is not living totally alone in her desert. She also has some animal companions. I have always been attracted to the idea of talking animals and having one as a companion to my main character in a story like this is in a certain way a must. I had initially an idea about a desert fox and some kind of bird, maybe a hawk.

But as I’m more a feline type of person I began to look into cat animals living in the desert. Here I found a real treasure: caracals. They are the desert equivalent to my favourite Finnish companion animal, lynx. When I saw caracals I knew that here was Tara’s trusted companion.

I’m pretty happy with the way caracal is developing. I’m not quite certain of the gender yet. Maybe a he, since the bird is a she. I’m trying to work on to get to him a more comic like, simpler look. That still needs some working…

Caracal is still a bit young, not full grown yet. He is very self assured and can seem impatient it he thinks somebody is being stupid.

Some kind of bird as another companion was my idea from the beginning. I somehow think that in the desert you need some companion that can fly over the land to get an areal view. I have always though about hawks as somehow the most interesting of these types of birds. I first have a more noble looking hawk in mind, but when I was last October doing Inktober I came across this wonderful fed up looking bird with a small chick (it looked like the most bored parent bird in existence…)that just looked so perfect. I had to draw her for the Inktober and then when I began in earnest to think about Tara’s bird companion, I suddenly remembered that, of course, here she was.

I think that with her I’m actually more ahead with the comic type of look I want. I dont think I will need to do so much further work on the development how to draw this character.

For some reason I also thought that for her there is only this one expression no matter what the situation. She is cynical but has a sense of dry humor.